The Key to Assessing workers'
capabilities and injuries.

Software Benefits :


Providers love the user-friendly software called MedleyXT™ and the concise, easy-to-read reports.

Provider Scott Billing from St. Luke's Rehab says, "The software and assessment flow are extremely efficient and allow quick turnaround time."

Benefits of MedleyXT™:

  • Easily capture and enter data directly into software during the Assessment.
  • Complete report in 15 minutes following Assessment.
  • Navigate easily through the Assessment screens and report applications.
  • Detailed report automatically populates from data screens.
  • Medley automatically recalls previously entered referral source information and populates it into the data screen.
  • Concise one-page overview offers the client’s results and the opportunity to provide job requirement comparisons.
  • A graph comparison is easily generated between the client’s results and the DataBack DataBank’s ™ injured and uninjured population with “like” profiles (age, gender, injury area, occupation).
  • Clearly articulate the client’s participation level and be able to support that determination through the numbers and formulas.
  • Conveniently store the client’s report in a standard Windows file.
  • The ability to move between applications allows the Assessment Specialist the opportunity to work on the report while the Assessment is still in progress.

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