The Key to Assessing workers'
capabilities and injuries.

Equipment Benefits:

  • The initial stationary KEY Equipment went to market in 1985, after considerable research, prototypes and design work from the University of Minnesota Engineering Department. (Visit Key Equipment History, which chronicles the history of the Assessments).
  • While the equipment design has gone through a number of small changes since its inception, KEY has always kept the industry standards as part of the design.
  • The current unit is completely mobile which allows easy movement from one room to another, one clinic to another and ability to go into any location—industry, physician’s office, client’s home, etc.  It assembles and disassembles quickly and easily.

The mobility of the Key Functional Assessment Equipment makes your life more mobile as well. Several providers, in fact, use the KEY System as their sole source of income. “The mobile KEY system provides a wonderful service for referral sources and high profit for my business,” says Mike Ferder from Mobile FCE Consultants, LLC. “It is also my sole source of income for my family as well as being a very profitable business."