The Key to Assessing workers'
capabilities and injuries.
  • Probably not.
  • Absolutely, yes.

Customers of KEY have expressed the frustration of hidden costs in competitor pricing, not just with equipment and software upgrades, but also with wasted time and additional staff needed to administer assessments and complete the reporting process. While KEY may not be the least expensive up front, once all the secondary costs and hidden costs are exposed, KEY easily emerges as the most economical and the best.

  • KEY is a 4-Hour assessment from start to finish. Others take much longer adding to the stress and burnout of the assessor, not to mention additional administrative staff needed to produce the report, make clerical corrections and disseminate the information.
  • KEY is entirely mobile which allows for swift assemble and disassemble. This translates into the ability to easily perform additional assessments at other sites!
  • KEY rarely goes to court. Results are clear, concise and easy to understand. They are absent of therapist opinions, comments and professional "judgment." The objectivity keeps you and KEY out of court.
  • KEY protocol have many industry standards already built into the program. Factors such as heights and weights are not left up to the judgment call of the Assessor, as in other assessment systems.
  • KEY provides additional Marketing materials and Power Point presentations at no additional cost.

Consider This: Based on many years of seeing assessment programs being implemented by clinicians, programs endure or fail based on two things- the enthusiasm the clinicians can have in the Assessment itself and the marketing effort put forth. KEY provides the relevant Assessment piece. Therapists are, first and foremost, clinicians who put a lot of effort and ethics in what they do. When that becomes burdensome, excessive in time consumption, unclear of format, questioning of specific purpose and sensitive to litigation, then enthusiasm quickly fades and it becomes more and more problematic to find the time or the staff to do Assessments. If you implement inferior and time consuming programs, you will see a significant decrease in enthusiasm and burnout by the end of the 4th month. There is no time today for clinicians to spend their energy in that way.

The cost of NOT doing the Key is huge – this is how:

a) Buy or build “inferior” and get 4 months of revenue – then fade away. Total revenue $22,400. THE END. - OR -

b) Buy KEY and enjoy $100,000 to $180,000 revenue each year therafter.

Bottom Line? You can't afford NOT to use KEY. KEY Functional Assessments delivers a total experience from the inside out - assisting Providers in enjoying a long-term successful partnership.

KEY Package Options- highlight that pricing is VERY flexible based on the needs of the customer. For more information, contact a Sales Representative of KEY.

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