The Key to Assessing workers'
capabilities and injuries.

You’ll hear it over and over again. Every attribute of the KEY Functional Assessment and System was tested and re-tested for validity and credibility. The weight increment guidelines that the KEY assessors use are clearly identified and are increments that were found to be successful in being accurate for determinations for the working industry world. Other systems have minimal guidelines and rely on the assessor to make it up as they go along. KEY is specific about the procedure of weight increments. Without clear guidelines, will you increase at 1 lb, 5 lb, or 10 lb increments? Will you repeat the posture enough to tax the body sufficiently, but not too much? How will you decide? Without clear policies to follow, resulting in clear determinations, you will produce inconsistencies in reports and data. And regardless of what your progression is, how do you actually know that the weights you terminate the activity at is the level that the client can safely do on a regular basis over an extended period of time? With KEY, you know.